Welcome to Dahab Divers Technical in Dahab/Egypt!

Our common baseline is our passion for oceans and technical diving, and we are keen in sharing and discussing our experience with like-minded people! Regardless of whether you want to make your first steps into technical diving, advanced training/coaching, become a technical diving Instructor, try out different configurations like Sidemount, Twinset, Full Face Masks, Closed Circuit Rebreather, or if you just want to explore the deeper dive sites of Dahab, we have you covered!


We offer technical diving courses in small groups or private coaching sessions and are always willing to go the extra mile to help train more comfortable, knowledgeable, and overall safer technical divers. Everyone is different and has his own speed and way in learning new skills or deepening already existing ones. Our endeavour is to create a relaxed learning environment adapted to your personal needs so you can use your time with us efficiently and focus on your goal!

We teach Open Circuit courses in Backmount and Sidemount from student level up to instructor level via IANTD and TDI, and CCR (closed circuit rebreather) courses on the X-CCR and Prism2 up to IANTD CCR Trimix Diver in English, German and Spanish


The Dive Centre itself is located at the Lighthouse bay in walking distance to the water entrance and very close to many Restaurants, Supermarkets and Dive Shops. The dive area consists of a big sea grass field with a buoyancy park and ascend lines from 30m up to 40m depth which are perfect for simulated decompression training. After around an 8 min swim you can reach a beautiful coral reef with astonishing marine life where you can do decompression dives down to 60m depth.

External instructors

The Lighthouse bay combined with the close position of the diving facility makes it a perfect set-up for a relaxed training environment without any stress to catch a boat or to hurry up/wait for other groups. Therefore, we are happy to share and facilitate regularly other fellow technical diving instructors/Dive Centres with their groups from around the world so they can enjoy teaching in a calm and relaxed environment with direct access to the sea and warm water all year around, which definitely has his benefits compared to Europe.

Guided dives

Dahab offers the perfect conditions for advanced technical diving training or for the simple purpose of having a good time, you will have a variety of dive sites (reached by car) with easy access to greater depth with clear, warm water and a beautiful scenery! Almost everyone knows the famous Blue Hole and its Arch which you can cross at a minimum of 55m or even exit to the outer wall at 130m. It is for sure a spectacular site which changes its atmosphere depending on the depth you dive it at but let us tell you there is so much more to see! You can do 130m on the drop off from The Bells and still don’t see the bottom or explore one of the many canyons, like the Abu Helal Canyon, Abu Thalha Canyon or the Tiger Canyon System. The Abu Helal – Abu Thalha Canyon System has a total length of approximately 1.5 km system and a depth range from 40m to 60m (some parts even deeper) which is basically made for CCR diving – or you can just enjoy the beautiful corals and marine life while enjoying a long bottom time at one of the many reefs all around this lovely little town!

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