Our team is made up of some of the most well trained, experienced and enthusiastic Technical Diving Instructors and support staff in the world.


Andreas Süess

Technical Diving InstructorAndy’s passion for diving began in 2008 in the lakes of Switzerland. After 4 years of diving in the nice but very dark lakes he needed a change and moved to Dahab to work on the sunny side of life. He also wanted to explore the deep dive sites on his days off. Andy joined Dahab Divers Technical as atechnical diving instructor in 2015 and is now active as IANTD Instructor Trainer and Expedition Trimix Instructor he also holds Full Trimix Instructor ratings with TDI and PADI. He is conducting the full range of technical courses from Essential up to mixed gas diving in both backmount and sidemount configuration as well as Ocean Reef Full face mask courses.


Kerstin Olbrich

Kerstin_HP-2Kerstin is from Austria and discovered her love for the sea quite early on, largely inspired by endless re-runs of Jacque Cousteau movies. This eventually led to a university degree in marine biology. It was a logical step for her to start diving as well and this completely changed everything. In trying to escape the cold lakes of Austria she travelled around the world for a while until she finally arrived in, mostly warm, Egypt. Kerstin is now an IANTD and TDI Instructor Trainer, PADI TecRec Full Trimix Instructor and CCR Trimix Instructor on the X-CCR and Hollis PRISM2.


Salahedin Sobhi

Salahedin Sobhi Salahedin Sobhi, originally from Mansoura in Egypt, began his career in the diving industry when he moved to Dahab in 1998. Today Salah is one of the world’s premier technical diving gas blenders, blending for industry greats Tom Steiner, Pascal Bernabé and since its inception, Dahab Divers Technical. Also a dedicated father and avid wrestling fan, Salah is an integral part of the diving operation in Dahab. Other than being an Advanced Trimix Gas Blender charged with his panel boards and beloved Haskel booster, Salah is also a certified Apeks service technician and PADI Rescue Diver. When asked his life motto he simply replied “never give up!”.


Jonas Samuelsson

Jonas Samuelsson Jonas is the founder of Team Blue Immersion. He started diving in Sweden in the mid 80s. Jonas grew up by the sea and was competition swimming for many years from young age. After completion of military service and studies in Economics in 1993, he decided to become a PADI Instructor and worked as a diving journalist for the popular diving magazine UVM during 94-95. All courses up to Instructor was conducted in Sweden. In 1994 he did his first technical diving training with diving legend Dick Rutkowski. He became a PADI Course Director in 1998 at the age of 26 and was the training manager for Ban’s Diving Center that became the largest diving center in the history of the diving. He was in charge of 75 full time instructors and 5 full time course directors and each year the dive center certified over 10.000 divers. During these years he received many awards for exceeding contributions to the diving industry. He have certified over 5000 divers including 2000 Instructors. In 2010 Jonas needed a new challenge and bought a technical diving center in Dahab which he created into a college for technical diving. Jonas became the Brand Ambassador and technical advisor for brands like Hollis (American Underwater Products), OceanReef and Fourth Element. His maximum depth is 185 meter and he done over 50 dives deeper than 120 meters. Jonas is a technical instructor trainer up to Advanced Trimix Level in multiple organizations. Jonas is trained on numerous CCRs like the Inspiration, Evolution, PrismII, Draeger, Explorer. Jonas wrote the Trimix Master Class, Advanced Wreck, Technical Rescue and different Cave Diving Programs. Jonas participated in the video production of numerous commercials and TV Series. In August 2013 Jonas was the dive leader for a memorial dive on Alexander Hamilton which is a US Coast Guard Cutter that sank outside Iceland at 95 meters. The team was assigned by the families to attach a plaque to honor the 28 men that died on the ship. Jonas is currently working as PADI Territory Director but frequently comes back to Dahab and TBI where he will always find a twin set with his  name on it!


Aron Daníel Arngrímsson

Aron ArngrimssonOriginally from Iceland, Aron began his diving career in 2002. Since then he has traveled extensively and undergone dive training in a wide variety of world class locations. Aron is co-founder of TBI, a PADI Trimix instructor, Sidemount and TDI Advanced Gas Blender Instructor with specialty in deep underwater videography where he trains industry professionals to film at depths up to 100m. Aron was the videographer, expedition diver for Expedition Iceland – Project Hamilton in June 2011. The team managed to beat the Icelandic depth record twice in two weeks, discover a previously unknown hot spring system at 70 meters and be the first team to dive the US Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton since it sank 30 miles outside Reykjavik 70 years ago.


Erik Brown

Erik Brown Erik started diving 10 years ago to escape the cold winter of Canada. Spending the majority of the time bouncing around SE Asia he landed in Thailand working as a professional videographer.

Erik is a TDI Instructor Trainer with specialty in CCR including the PRISM II and Sidemount Diving. Erik is co-founder of Team Blue Immersion and focuses on Technical Diving Instructor programs and exploring new deep sites and caves around the world.


Will Goodman

Erik Brown Will developed a passion for diving when he learnt to dive in Cornwall in the UK. He was quickly hooked by the abundance of shipwrecks along the south coast and developed an interest in technical diving. By 2005 he became a TDI advanced trimix Technical Diving Instructor and CCR diver. Will has been based on the Gili Islands in Indonesia for 15 years managing Blue Marlin Dive Tech and spent 6 seasons as trip director of a Komodo liveaboard. Will has been actively teaching CCR since 2009 and In 2011 he began teaching the JJ-CCR. Since then he has accumulated over 2000 hours on the unit in a variety of demanding conditions and environments. In 2013 he became an Instructor Trainer for TDI at all levels. In 2014 after 2 years of research and training, Will and his team set the world record for the deepest dive on an unmodified CCR taking his JJ to 294m without incident.


Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam Chris Haslam’s passion and dedication to the undersea world has taken him from his home in Australia to some of the most amazing diving destinations on the planet among them; Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Mexico, Honduras, Malta, England, Portugal, Egypt and Sweden where he’s worked as a diving supervisor, instructor trainer, instructor, lecturer and guide. Chris was certified as an SSI Instructor Trainer when he was 27 and has certified over 2000 students at various levels both technical and recreational, including teaching the first SSI Instructor Course in Vietnam. He is also a PADI Staff instructor and a TDI Technical Diving Instructor and teaches advanced trimix/decompression diving in both back-mount and sidemount styles. Chris is an Instructor Trainer for Respond Right First Aid Courses, and has co-taught various marine biology programs to entry-level university students in Belize and Bahamas based on his strong interest in undersea life and conservation.


Jacek Lubowiecki

Jacek - TBI - Poland Jacek has been dreaming about diving since his childhood. He remember when he was taking a bath and imaging hiimself to be a member of Capitan Nemo team. The love for J. Custou’s movies made and impact as well to his career choice. Jacek started to dive in 1975. Jacek did his first rebreather course in 1999 in Singapore. After returning to Poland in 2000 he started to cooperate with SSI. He was lucky to have great teachers like Fulvia Lami, Umberto and Germano Peploli. Thanks to them Jacek became a Certified Technical Divng Instructor. When teaching recreational diving Jacek always making efforts into developing his own skills in technical diving. That is why he started to cooperate with IANTD CE. Jacek feel in love with deep, cave and wreck diving. He is now working closely with Dive Rite and Shearwater. Jacek have been diving on rebreathers for years now. At the moment he using CCR Optima, Buddy Inspiration Classic and Vision. Recently he started to use Prism 2 and Hollis as well. As a diver Jacek spent several thousand hours under water. His deepest dive was below 160m on CCR Optima and he dived deeper that 100 meters many times. Today Jacek is an IANTD IT in areas like CCR, backmount, sidemount and public safety diving. As Jacek said himself “We cannot stop learning if we want to be masters of our trade”.