Below you find testimonials from a range of different people who visited Dahab Divers Technical. You find Divers, Instructors, Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, Journalists, Authors, Diving Pioneers, World Record holders, Staff from Diving organizations, Engineers and others who speak out about their experiences diving with TBI.

Technical diving had been on my mind for years before I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up with TBI… That was, to this day, one of the best life decisions I have ever made.

Erni, Technical/Technical Instructor Intern / Rebreather Student

This was my first foray into technical diving and the TBI team seemed to always know how far to push me to ensure I was out of my comfort zone, but not so overloaded that it stopped being fun. read more

Ed, Tec Student

Great Thanks to Team Blue Immersion for the superb training and the enthusiasm that spreads around you guys. read more

Emmy, Narcoholic

I would recommend anyone with a passion for diving, weather it be recreational or professional to do some training at Blue Immersion read more

Andrew Gilligan

The course was amazing, the crew of blue immersion did a fantastic job both during the training and dives. read more

Paul Diependaal and Ewald Valom

We had the best dives of our lives! Over 60 meters of visibility, some amazing sceneries and we pushed our depth record to 50 meters! read more

Ewald Valom

Jonas and his team told us to just buy a ticket and they would make sure everything was arranged for us when we arrived at the dive centre in Dahab. read more

Paul Diependaal

I look forward to more courses with you and I would have no trouble in recommending you to my friends and associates. read more

Paul Thompson

Tec diving is worth every penny when you’re diving with the right people. Thank you Team Blue Immersion read more

Ammar Dajani

Am absolutely loving it here in dahab… the diving and the people are amazing read more

Jeffrey Glenn, PADI Course Director