Dahab Divers Technical

We offer all levels within IANTD and TDI up to Instructor Level. Regardless of the training agency you choose, we at Dahab Divers Technical have adopted the DIR Configuration and embrace its philosophy in all technical diving courses which we offer. Our goal is to safely achieve your goals as a technical diver. Our approach to teaching starts with the fundamentals of technical diving and progresses to advanced trimix reaching depths of 100m.

Whether you’re a seasoned technical diver looking for new challenges or a recreational diver looking to push your limits we have programs and courses suitable for you.

All our technical diving courses are taught on site in Dahab, Egypt, within a two minute walk from our facility we have a Lighthouse bay, which offers us some of the best training environments imaginable. We dive the best sites in the world during the course and during the final Trimix Dives we dive the famous Arch in the Blue Hole; perhaps the most famous dive site in the world! All our technical diving courses can be conducted with either a sidemount or backmount configuration.

Dahab Divers Technical`s recommendation for all training is maximum 30m END (equivalent narcotic depth) in caves, wrecks and under strenuous conditions and maximum 40m END in any other environment.