Our dive center offers you everything you need for technical diving-Unser Tauchyentrum bietet alles rund um technisches Tauchen in Dahab

Our Technical Diving is conducted mainly in Dahab, Egypt. This is due to the fact that Dahab has some of the best dive sites in the world for technical diving. Dahab is widely recognised as being the centre of Technical Diving in the world. Our Technical Diving Center offers a complete technical diving experience with all the logistics needed for any technical diver out there.  And we offer a wide range of IANTD and TDI  Courses


Dahab Divers Technical is located on El Fanar Street, Lighthouse, Dahab. Our facilities include:

  • Oxygen/helium booster
  • Large Bauer compressors
  • Closed circuit rebreathers (CCRs)
  • Cameras
  • Helium analyzers
  • Over 50 twins tanks
  • Single tanks ranging up to 20 litres
  • Sofnolime
  • V-weights

In short, everything you could possibly need for technical diving regardless whether you dive backmount, sidemount or CCR.

We plan the dives the night before and have the tanks filled in the evenings to be prepared for the morning dives. The drive to the Blue Hole only takes 15 minutes and due to the fact that most dives are shore based, there is no rush in preparation before the dive and that we can conduct long dives without the added stress of having boat schedules to consider.

If you are interested in recreational dives or open water training please get in touch with our recreational department of Dahab Divers and we will be more then happy to help you out with any inquiries.

In addition to the technical diving center and recreational dive centre, Dahab Divers also operate a convenient and comfortable hotel, click here for more details.