CCR Rebreather PrismII & Explorer

Blue Immersion Technical Diving offering full service for both Type R (Recreational) and Type T (Technical) certified CCR Rebreather Divers. We teach all courses within the PADI CCR Rebreather System of Education including instructor levels. We choose to teach PADI/TecRec CCR courses due to its well structured programs and materials.

News CCR November 2012: Team Blue Immersion is now diving with the Hollis Gear PRISM II. Our first project with Hollis Gear is to produce a promo video that is going to be screened at DEMA in Las Vegas during 14-17th November. The PRISM II is a dream to dive on and got lots of features other rebreathers does not have. Highly recommended. If you are interested in diving the PRISM please contact us.

Type R – Recreational CCR Rebreather Courses

  • PADI Rebreather Diver Duration 4 days including 6 dives Max depth: 18 meters No Decompression Price: Euro400
  • PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Duration 4 days including 5 dives Max depth: 40 meters No decompression Price: Euro400
  • Type R – Recreational CCR Rebreather Instructor Course
  • Type R Rebreather Instructor (including Tec CCR Open Water and Tec CCR Advanced Instructor) Price: Euro750 – 10 days including assists

More information and pre-requisites. about the new PADI CCR Rebreather Courses and Programs available at


PADI CCR Type R (pdf, 391 kb)