Below you find testimonials from a range of different people who visited Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical. You find Divers, Instructors, Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, Journalists, Authors, Diving Pioneers, World Record holders, Staff from Diving organizations, Engineers and others who speak out about their experiences diving with TBI.

Monty Halls (England) is a TV broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist, BBC Great Escape.

“We had the great pleasure of working with Team Blue Immersion during the filming of a new series about the Blue Hole. We presented them with a series of daunting logistical challenges, and demanded a great deal from them during the course of the shoot. They responded to every situation with faultless professionalism, and it became standard practice for us that any diving problem could be quickly solved by the “Blue Immersion boys”. Their diving skills are second to none, their attitude is outstanding, and they added immensely to the safety and enjoyment of the filming process. I’d use them again without hesitation.”

Kevin Gurr (VR Technology: Inventor, Author, Tec Dive Pioneer)

Kevin Gurr has been involved with Technical Diving since its’ inception in Europe. As well as being the first Technical Diving instructor outside the USA, he has led and been a part of many expeditions; the first sport dives on the Britannic in 1997, treasure hunting in the Pacific (and several other locations World-wide), film making and a dive on the Titanic in the MIR submarines to name a few. As an engineer and diver he has developed several ground breaking products for the diving industry from trimix computers to rebreathers in VR Technology Ltd.
“I have been to the Red Sea on many occasions over the years. This time it was a bit different. On a recent trip to shoot the first program in a new diving series, the team and I were very pleased to find ourselves working with the guys from Blue Immersion. Aron, Eric and Jonas obviously love what they do and have an impressive track record as diving educators over a large array of Technical Diving disciplines. Over our period with them they made time to support us as Safety Divers, organise and pump gas and run a series of courses for themselves. Pretty impressive and they obviously enjoyed themselves at the same time which is
what it is all about. Thanks Guys! and I look forward to working with you again very soon. Appreciate organising the loan of the pink watch Anne! It saved the day…..!”

Nick Hollis, President Hollis Gear

“We are pleased to announce Jonas Samuelsson & Team Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt as our newest Hollis Ambassador. Exciting things are in the works from this collaboration, stay tuned”
Anne, Tec Instructor @ TecWise/RecWise, Malta
“I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for the course at beginning. Thank you for all your help, support, and patience, letting me go slowly from lots of shallow water practice. I shall keep diving tecs(there are wrecks I want to go here in Malta) and gain more confidence. Someday, I will go down to 100m!!! …or not (;-P) Arch, Neptune Cave, wonderful dives, with great team!! You all are awesome!! Lucky me, having chance to dive with such team!!” https://www.facebook.com/annejpn.diving

Trevor Sanford (PADI Executive Social Media)

Trevor completed Tec40 and Sidemount with us the first time around when he visited us and the second time (April 2013) he completed the OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask and Communications Course plus the TecSidemount. Here is the blogs that Trevor wrote on www.padi.com after the completion of the training.

Ola Nielsen (Tec Instructor/Team Teaching Internship)

“Tour Egypt 2012 part 2 is going towards it end. Like always in this second home of mine, it has been a great time with loads of new experiences and meetings. Diving has been absolutely worldclass as usual, with dives in mythical Blue Hole, stunning Abu Helal, breath-taking Neptune’s Cave/Canyon and new favourite Caves. Oldtime favourite Gorgonia Garden is difficult to beat.
Teaching and assisting tech classes in two contintents, with students and instructors from all over the planet, all with different background, is of course rewarding and developing for us all being involved. Meeting some very old friends, some somewhat less old and huge bunch of new long time dive buddies has all together made this time a blast together we make magic!
Erik, Aron and Jonas in Team Blue Immersion, thanks for letting me be part of the team and being the best dive companions, mentors and not the least friends ever to walk on Mother Earth. Benjamin Nobel, for never skipping a trimix dive and being the perfect dive buddy, Chris Haslam for making the impossible possible and acting as great motivator for the rest of us, Team Malaysia and Steen Gerner Jensen for being the perfect students for hours and hours of practice. Pascal Bernabe for being a great inspirateur. Also thanks to Soren Wiesauer Dykker-butikken for hiring me, Colona Divers Hurghada for hosting. To Matteo Minellono and IANTD Egypt for the Normoxic Trimix Instructor rating. And a huge bunch of new but long lasting friends, you know who you are!”

Sergio Gamberini, President, Ocean Reef INC.

“I have the pleasure to announce the starting of a new and exciting collaboration with Mr Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Arngrimsson, Erik Brown and Blue Immersion Diving of Dahab – Egypt .Jonas is now a Premium Member of the Team OCEAN REEF and he will be our Ambassador in the Diving World.His operations in DAHAB – Egypt , Blue Immersion , is now starting to operate like our International Training Center”

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