Tec Extended

This page is reviewing Open Circuit Technical Diving programs. We offer all levels up to Instructor Level. Team Blue Immersion use DIR Configuration and embrace its philosophy. Below you also find a course outside the PADI System called Trimix Master Class which cater to the most experienced Open Circuit Trimix Divers. All the below courses are taught in Dahab, Egypt. We are using using the following dive sites: Lighthouse for confined and limited open water, Canyons and Blue Hole for all open water dives. We dive the best sites in the world during the course and during the final Trimix Dives we dive the famous Arch in the Blue Hole, perhaps the most famous dive site in the world! All below courses can be conducted either sidemount or backmount.

In line with Team Blue Immersions recommendation of max 30m END (equivalent narcotic depth) in caves, wrecks and under strenuous conditions and max 40m END in any other environment we are now offering the following course add on:
Tec45 Trimix Course
Tec50 Trimix Course

We are using Max 40 m END during both courses and for each level you have 2 tmx dives as add-on. So 6 dives for Tec45 and 6 dives for Tec50.

Team Blue Immersion, PADI CD & TecRec Instructor Trainer Jonas Samuelsson (also trained with TDI, IANTD, ANDI), TecRec Trimix/Sidemount Instructor Instructor Erik Brown and TecRec Trimix/Sidemount Instructor Aron Daniel Arngrimsson, are conducting Technical Courses mainly in Dahab, Egypt (our homebase) but also all around the world. The last 12 months we been to Sweden, Iceland, Thailand, Mexico and Israel for expeditions and Tec Instructor training (Team Blue Immersion are a total team of 10 technical and freediving instructors teaching CCR, Freediving (AIDA and SSI), Sidemount and Backmount. We are following a DIR Approach when we teach all our Technical Open Circuit Programs and use DIR as a guideline for all equipment configurations and skill practice. All our courses starts with many hours of shallow water training to perfect trim, propulsion and buoyancy. We believe in repeated practice so each skill is practiced many times. The dive planning we are doing is based on latest ideas and we in-cooperate more conservative configurations like slower ascent rates (9m/min on-gas, 3-6m/min off-gas and 1m/min during the last three meters), we use standard mixes but teach students to find the perfect gas mix for each dive and objective and our deco gases following an even more conservative standard than the generally accepted 5/1 rule (helium/nitrogen). We recommend 30 meters END for overhead environments like Caves and Wrecks and 40 meters END for all other dives. We are taking students to 50 meters during the last dive of the TecRec 50, but that is just to illustrate how effected you get at with a high nitrogen partial pressure. The student then also get a feel for the difference when starting the TMX course and by a few days later conducting the same dive with an END of 30-32 meters.

We love diving and believe that as a Technical Instructor you should dive also when not teaching and that an Instructor should have been to twice the depth he is training any students for. Jonas Samuelsson max depth is 185 meters, Erik Brown 165 meters, Aron Daniel Arngrimsoon 165 meters. We are diving as a team during all our days off and always make sure to keep updated about the latest technology in regards to equipment and theory. We also believe that exploration is important part of technical diving and every year we are organizing expeditions around the world.