TDI or PADI Cave Explorer Package


  • TecDeep or TDI Extended Range or equivalent


This program is designed to take a Technical Diver diver and train them in the proper equipment, procedures and buoyancy skills required to start a full cave training program. For those that want to be a cave diver this is going to be the most intensive and detailed course you’ll have available. Put your mind at ease knowing every step will be looked after bringing you from an advanced fun diver up to a full Cave diver. All equipment, logistics, gasses are included. Be among the few in the world trained for overhead environments, let alone CAVE…

To see an overview of the PADI TecRec Intro Cave and PADI TecRec Full Cave Course click on the link:


TecRec Intro Cave and Full Cave Course – Team Blue Immersion

  • PADI Cavern Diver – 4 dives
  • TDI Intro to Cave or PADI Cave Part I – 4 dives
  • TDI Cave or PADI Cave Part II – 8 dives