Tec Sidemount, Caves & Wrecks

Here you find the following courses: PADI Cavern Diver, PADI Cavern Instructor, PADI Tec Rec Advanced Wreck Diver, PADI Tec Rec Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor, TDI or PADI Intro Cave Dive, TDI or PADI Full Cave Diver, TDI CCR Cave Diver.

Sidemount is one of the most exciting forms of diving that came up within the diving community in many years. Starting as a configuration for mainly cave divers its no mainstream and used by every type of diver from recreational divers, to cave divers to professional photographers, even CCR diver used sidemount configurations sometimes for bailout gases.
Team Blue Immersion offer two types of Sidemount Programs one is for recreational divers and one is aimed for technical divers. So what ever you are looking for regarding sidemount we have it. We are using Hollis SMS100 Hollis system , Diverite Nomad (both Multipurpose Sidemount systems) and soon the Hollis SM50 (Sidemount only) for cave and wreck divers. New for 2012 is that Team Blue Immersion is also using the Razor Harness System for all our courses. So you get to try out both Multisystem Sidemount Units and Sidemount Only System during all our training.